Security Analyst

with Linux skills

What We Need

We are looking for a Security Analyst who is well-versed in Linux, and has strong security skills. We use CentOS specifically but experience in any Linux flavor is welcome.

In a nutshell, the successful candidate will be helping us maintain customer installations of our product, while using our product to perform threat hunting and security incident alerting on our customers' infrastructure. Our product is based on a highly customized ELK stack.

The successful candidate will also be given the opportunity to participate in - and eventually lead - penetration tests when our customers require them.

The position is Malta-based, however, you will be working remotely. We have flexible hours and don't expect a 9-5 mentality. Just hit your targets and you'll fit right in!

P.S. This position, however, is covering 24/7, so night shifts and working on weekends is required. 

Who You Are

Ideally you'd have:

Your typical day would look like:

Who We Are

We are a Maltese IT startup focused on cybersecurity solutions. We develop products in the intersection between machine learning and IT security, a very interesting and evolving field.

We also provide security-related services to our customers, such as red-teaming and pentesting, phishing tests, and supplementing our customer's defence teams.

Our customers include telcos and banks who like to keep us on our toes and definitely keep the job interesting.


This website/webserver is a mini capture the flag challenge. It contains two flags (you'll know them when you see them) that you can find using just your browser and associated tools.

Together, these two flags make up a simple code. Decode that and put the resulting phrase in your email's subject or body (along with your CV, etc) - you'll go straight to the top of the list of preferred candidates!

Contact Us

Send  your CV together with salary expectations: (at) gmail (dot) com

 data-flag: SGF2ZSB5b3UgdHJpZWQgdHVybmluZy