account executive

What We Need

We are hiring a talented account executive to join our growing team to create new avenues of business for the company.

Who You Are

We are looking for someone who:

  • is passionate about transforming sales, service and marketing;

  • has high emotional intelligence - adapt your communications according to the environment and counterparty;

  • has a commitment to over achievement - positive “can do” and “never quit” attitude against targets regardless the adversity being faced;

  • is data-driven - you leverage and can communicate using data to improve core KPIs, and to help drive CyberSift’s strategic “plays”;

  • has experience managing or being managed in a sales environment;

  • uses good judgment - especially when tasked with difficult decisions;

  • is accountable - you have honest, transparent and authentic communications with your colleagues, regardless of personal ramifications;

  • is a team player - you motivate individuals and a team towards a collective vision and manifest a team atmosphere.

Required qualifications:

  • 1+ years of experience in a similar role;

  • experience managing a sales process;

  • experience using CRM to manage and forecast sales opportunities;

  • strong analytical skills to identify trends and patterns;

  • strong communication skills in written, verbal and powerpoint forms;

  • proven track record of success the sales cycle from plan to close.

Account Executive at CyberSift:

  • has excellent time management and organisational skills;

  • has analytical mindset and leverage data across all interactions;

  • is effective communicator and motivator across multiple mediums both externally and internally;

  • supports sales people in all aspects of the sales process and keep their team members accountable the KPIs that drive the business;

  • supports the business in cross-functional projects to drive organizational advancement.

Who We Are

We develop products in the intersection between machine learning and IT security, a very interesting and evolving field.

We also provide security-related services to our customers, such as red-teaming and pentesting, phishing tests, and supplementing our customer's defence teams.

Our customers include telcos and banks who like to keep us on our toes and definitely keep the job interesting.

Why CyberSift?

  • Generous remuneration;

  • uncapped commission structure;

  • transparent metric driven promotion paths;

  • interactive employee training and onboarding;

  • flexible working conditions;

  • organisational culture that values autonomy, transparency and employee growth.

Contact Us

Send a cover letter introducting yourself and a CV showcasing your skills and experience to: (at) gmail (dot) com